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Infinite Fitness Peninsula is not your regular gym.

Imagine a fresh and inviting space inspired by contemporary industrial design that transports you a world away from the daily grind...

Complete with state-of-the-art equipment, a clean and modern kitchen, and fully-equipped showers and change rooms. In here, inspiration is top-of-mind, and this fuels our passion for transforming people’s lives.

Our qualified and experienced personal trainers and nutritionist eat, breathe and live health and wellness. Our mission revolves around a world where we collectively pool our ideas, hone our craft, consistently learn more and stay on top of exercise trends to better our methods of transforming bodies.

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We love our community.

We don’t just want you to come and have a workout: we want to create a positive and motivating atmosphere that you’re an integral part of.

You can lift weights anywhere, but it’s the feeling you get from our personable, empathetic and inspiring trainers and nutritionist that will lift you up.

Our gym is intentionally made to foster a high quality community, not a high quantity of members. It’s this level of engagement and attention that distinguishes us from other fitness studios.