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Hey guys!

Ben Tellis here, co-founder and director of Infinite Fitness Peninsula.
Each week I'll be sharing a little bit about me and keeping you up to date with the different things I encounter on a week to week basis. I want to give you an insight into my experiences that will not only share a bit of wisdom, but also relate back to all things health and fitness and more importantly life in general. As well as having a bit of fun and being entertaining, the main objective is to give you guys tools, advice and information that will help you smash your goals both inside the gym and out! A number of topics and daily situations will be covered on the fly week by week and I hope this will help a lot of thought provoking and emotionally relevant discussions.


The Benefits of Regular Exercise: Why Gym Fitness Matters

September 13, 2023

  Regular exercise, particularly through gym fitness, is a cornerstone of a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life. Its benefits extend beyond the physical, impacting mental, emotional, and social well-being. By prioritizing regular exercise, individuals can not only enhance their physical health but also experience a profound improvement in their overall quality of life. JOIN US   Read More..



October 29, 2020

Sweating - the body’s process of releasing water and salt in order to help cool itself down. It’s our natural way of regulating body temperature. I know for one I’m a big sweater. Always have been. Just watching someone else work out leaves me prone to breaking out. Bit of an exaggeration but just trying to emphasise my point. In all seriousness though it doesn’t take long for beads to start forming on my face as soon as I begin a training session. For those like me, our cooling systems kick in immediately even after only light work, but for... Read More..



October 22, 2020

  So the other day I pulled aside my younger self, sat him down and gave him some advice on a few important things I’ve learnt over the years. Here’s what was said... What other people think about you is none of your business. External validation isn’t as important as you think it is. Besides, everyone is too busy caught up in their own self obsessed world to really care what you’re doing anyway. The story in your own head about you is all that matters. Make sure it’s a good one. The more you expect from people, the more... Read More..



October 15, 2020

Righto mate As we’re all well aware, gyms and personal training studios have been shut since March. And the forecast as to when or how we’ll be able to open again is anyone’s guess right now. This is a problem. A big one. And for many reasons. The important reasons are obvious. The mental health and physical well being of the community has suffered as a result of gyms being closed. Not only this, but the benefits of social interaction and sense of connectedness that these places provide for people have been taken away too. A lot of people have... Read More..



October 8, 2020

A lot of people have asked lately how I get through my day and what I do to not go stir crazy whilst stuck at home. So, I’ve come up with a list of 15 things I get done everyday to help keep me sane... Physical exercise - I train 5 times per week Monday - Friday and have the weekend off to let the body and mind recover. I combine weights, bike riding and body weight conditioning work into my routine. For me, getting my daily exercise in is crucial to how the rest of the day potentially pans out.... Read More..



October 1, 2020

  In my opinion there’s 3 certainties in life... Death, taxes and politicians talking absolute garbage every time a camera is put in front of them. Other than these three, there’s nothing else that is a permanent fixture as ultimately everything is susceptible to change. Sure, we all have the ability to create our own definition of what a certainty is but at the end of the day, the average Joe Blow (which is 99.9% of us) relies on our own reliability for this to work. Something that isn’t very reliable at all. Let’s look at exercise. When it comes... Read More..