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Hey guys!

Ben Tellis here, co-founder and director of Infinite Fitness Peninsula.
Each week I'll be sharing a little bit about me and keeping you up to date with the different things I encounter on a week to week basis. I want to give you an insight into my experiences that will not only share a bit of wisdom, but also relate back to all things health and fitness and more importantly life in general. As well as having a bit of fun and being entertaining, the main objective is to give you guys tools, advice and information that will help you smash your goals both inside the gym and out! A number of topics and daily situations will be covered on the fly week by week and I hope this will help a lot of thought provoking and emotionally relevant discussions.


Mastering Your Fitness Journey: Setting and Achieving Goals in the Gym

October 16, 2023

  In this article, we'll explore the process of setting and achieving fitness goals in the gym, helping you unlock your full potential. JOIN US   Read More..


Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

October 10, 2023

  Without proper guidance, it's easy to fall into common pitfalls that can hinder your progress or even lead to injuries. JOIN US   Read More..


Nutrition and Diet Tips for Maximizing Gym Performance

October 3, 2023

  Achieving peak performance at the gym isn't just about lifting heavy weights or running long distances; it's also about giving your body the right fuel. JOIN US   Read More..


Cardio vs. Strength Training: Finding the Right Balance

September 23, 2023

  When it comes to fitness, striking the right balance between cardio and strength training is essential for a well-rounded and effective workout routine. JOIN US   Read More..


How to Create an Effective Gym Workout Routine

September 14, 2023

  By setting clear goals, considering your location and schedule, and incorporating a balanced mix of exercises, you can craft a plan that aligns with your fitness aspirations. JOIN US   Read More..


The Benefits of Regular Exercise: Why Gym Fitness Matters

September 13, 2023

  Regular exercise, particularly through gym fitness, is a cornerstone of a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life. Its benefits extend beyond the physical, impacting mental, emotional, and social well-being. By prioritizing regular exercise, individuals can not only enhance their physical health but also experience a profound improvement in their overall quality of life. JOIN US   Read More..