Transform Your Body: Why Group Training Is the Secret Ingredient at Our Cranbourne Gym

Are you looking to transform and achieve fitness goals? Are you tired of working out alone without motivation? Infinite Fitness Peninsula offers personal and group training in Cranbourne that will meet all your fitness goals. Our program is unique, as are we, so let us help you meet them together! Our exceptional personal and group training options in Cranbourne make us the go-to for meeting fitness goals.

Group training classes can unite your members in an informal yet social atmosphere while helping them meet fitness objectives. According to the 2019 Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey, Gen Z and Millennial members account for 81% of health club membership, placing strong importance on group fitness classes at their fitness clubs. Here are six reasons why offering group training would benefit your gym.

1. Build a Community and Meet New People  

Group training helps build a sense of community at your gym, allowing clients to meet new people while enriching their fitness experience. Research suggests that younger members appreciate social interactions more than their Millennial counterparts, and workout tribes provide members with additional incentives for coming back regularly and booking classes.

2. Make Fitness Instruction More Affordable    

Group training makes professional fitness instruction more cost-effective, allowing individuals to participate in group fitness classes without paying an exorbitant price tag for personal training services. Quality instructors often have a greater impact than price on how young people choose their group workout classes.

3. Increase Motivation

Group training classes can be an excellent way to keep clients motivated. Having someone instruct the session and provide instruction on what needs to be done makes the session less labor-intensive yet just as effective. If members are having trouble sticking to their workout regimen, group fitness could provide the extra incentive they need to attend the gym regularly and establish a training regime.

4. Accountability and Support

Accountability and support are essential to staying fit, so some gyms require members to preregister and pay for classes before attending. They sometimes charge a late cancellation penalty fee if members miss classes without canceling them first. This helps keep members on track with meeting their fitness goals more successfully.

5. Group Exercise Classes Are Fun    

Group exercise classes can be enjoyable. When combined with motivational music and challenging workouts led by an engaging instructor, the atmosphere becomes lively and enjoyable, and the class is more likely to become sustainable long-term. Members increasingly expect and demand fun when it comes to exercise classes!

6. Improve Member Retention 

Group training can significantly boost member retention. Your members are the cornerstone of any gym or fitness business; nothing would get accomplished without them. With motivated members, renewing each year is the goal for any gym with successful retention efforts; reasons could range from lack of motivation or new competition entering the market with lower pricing to simply group training providing an excellent way to do just that!

Final Thoughts

Group training has quickly become one of the fastest-growing forms of fitness, with numerous boutique studios exclusively providing group fitness sessions. By encouraging members to train together under professional trainer guidance, group fitness classes can increase motivation and member retention and help your members meet their fitness goals more quickly and effectively.

If you’re ready to transform your body and reach your fitness goals, Infinite Fitness Peninsula can help! Visit our website or contact us today for more information about personal training sessions and group fitness classes we provide.

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