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We are excited to announce our JUNIOR ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM🔥 

Are your children: 

🏈  Playing any organised sport?  

🏃  Active in their own way? 

⛹️‍♀️  Obsessed with being active and always asking you to run around with them? 

🖥  Mostly sedentary? 

🎮  Playing computer games ALL THE TIME? 

If you answered YES to ANY of the above then Infinite Fitness Peninsula has the perfect program for ALL kids. 

Our PASSIONATE coaches who specialise in Junior Athletic Development have designed a program to educate on the following matters: 

*Basic movement patterns 

*Solid strength foundations 

*Landing & jumping techniques 

*Acceleration & Deceleration techniques

✅  Research shows that by learning, understanding & implementing our techniques participants will DECREASE the likelihood of injuries & perform at a STRONGER, FITTER & FASTER level, whether it be when they return to ALL sports or in their general day to day life. 

Not only is this about physical performance on the sporting field BUT research shows that by regular physical activity, we DECREASE the likelihood of mental illness in younger children & adolescents.

💥  This program is not about just PUMPING WEIGHTS, it is about EDUCATING young people on the importance of holistic health & well being as well as and most importantly, HAVING FUN!! 


With limited spots available flick through an email to travis@ifp.com.au or hit the picture above to register your interest NOW.

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