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The first thing you’ll notice about Infinite Fitness Peninsula is that we’re not like most big name gyms. We’ve carved out a fitness terrain for the senses, so that you get that ‘fitness high’ even before your muscles ache and you start sweating. With a truly contemporary interior design that’s inviting, uplifting, and most importantly, inspiring, we’ve created a health and wellness experience that’s miles away from the stuffy, smelly and un-motivating gyms you’ve been to. The outcome is a complete, results-focused fitness experience you can’t get enough of, and serves as a monument to how successful you can be!

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We’ve thought of everything

From the lighting, the music, to the person who greets you as you glide through our doors – we’ve all made these decisions to make sure your experience at IFP is the highlight of your day. When you step out of your world and into ours, we want you to feel like your whole life just got a bit better.

Because that’s what we’re all about – improving lives, not just fitness routines. By incorporating personal fitness training, group fitness training, nutrition programs and state-of-the-art gym facilities, we’ve created a health and wellness experience that’s truly integrative and leaves nothing to chance.


We love our community

We don’t just want you to come and have a workout: we want to create a positive and motivating atmosphere that you’re an integral part of. You can lift weights anywhere, but it’s the feeling you get from our personable, empathetic and inspiring trainers and nutritionist that will lift you up. Our gym is intentionally made to foster a high-quality community, not a high quantity of members. It’s this level of engagement and attention that distinguishes us from other fitness studios.

We even offer corporate health and wellness programs to other businesses Australia-wide. Discover the benefits for yourself.

None of this would be possible if we didn’t work with a team of elite fitness performers and nutrition experts.

So if you’re looking for the best group of personal trainers in Cranbourne, look no further.

    Meet our wellness experts. They’re here for you round the clock.