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April 2, 2020

It’s about 9am on a Monday and I’m close to finishing my first workout for the week. It’s been a good one. Just 2 more sets to go. I’m tired but my job is almost done so there’s enough motivation there to finish it off... As I’m about to gear up for my second last set I hear these little footsteps coming quick and fast followed by the cutest little voices saying ‘’uncle Benny, uncle Benny’’ Quickly my attention switches from the workout to where the voices are coming from. It’s my nephews. All three of them. They must have... Read More..



March 26, 2020

What did you get up to on the weekend?..... Oh not much, just hung out with the boys :) And you thought nude dining was a laugh. This is a doozy.... I’m all about health and wellness. Obviously. It’s my job. I’m passionate about it and I enjoy it. As you may know in the fitness industry there’s always new trends popping up. New findings, new scientific research, new techniques and new information on how to live a happy and healthy life. Some are legitimate, have a lot of merit and tend to stick but there’s also a lot of... Read More..


Coronavirus | Bens Blog

March 19, 2020

The world has gone cray cray Gee whiz hasn’t this thing taken off. Currently we are gripped in a pandemic taking over the world. There’s people dying, millions are being quarantined, big events are being cancelled, businesses are going bankrupt, and then there’s others losing their shit and having punch-ons in supermarkets over toilet paper. How ridiculous. The share market has been smashed too and billions of dollars washed down the drain. I, like many people out there have done my nuts on it. It’s painful to watch your hard earned get washed away especially when there’s nothing you can... Read More..



March 12, 2020

The struggle is real   I’m not always up and about and chirpy in the mornings. I guess thats to be expected considering I’m up at 4am most days of the week. Like the rest of you I have those days when the alarm goes off to get up and hit the gym but the thought of staying in bed seems like a much better option. Even though I prefer training in the mornings as opposed to night there are definitely still times when I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm to move the bod. It’s funny when you think... Read More..


Business Class | Bens Blog

March 5, 2020

This is how its done I’ve been fortunate enough to do a bit of travelling of late. Greece, Russia, UK and Norway have been the destinations. So many amazing experiences and a hell of a lot of fun. Europe just does it for me in so many ways. The only shit thing about it is its so bloody far away. In fact when you look at the world map, us Aussies are far away from everything! Just sitting over in the corner minding our own business and having our heads stuck up our butts. Because we are so isolated we... Read More..



March 2, 2020

5 tips to assist you with your recovery from training: 1.  Get enough sleep! This is one the big rocks of recovery.  Your chances of injury are significantly higher if you are not getting enough sleep.  Aim for AT LEAST 7-8 hours per night.  Studies show that this will improve cognitive function, focus, decision making, energy and hormone regulation.  All of these things can help with weight loss too!!! 2.  Hydrate. This is also so, so important!  Humans are made up of ~60% water.  Making sure we are well hydrated helps with blood circulation & by flushing out toxins or other... Read More..

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