Where has Ben Been?

November 27, 2019

IFP TV 📺 Where has Ben been? (Take 2 trying to upload this & yes, the edit of the video was entirely Ben's idea haha) 😂😂😂 #IFPSQUAD Read More..


Bens Weekly Blog | Mates

November 21, 2019

Must have said something funny... Caught up with da boyyyyyyz over the weekend. 5 of us. We’ve been really close mates for ages and formed an inseparable bond through our successful footy days way back when. Now that most of us are too old to even get out of bed some mornings let alone kick a footy around we keep in touch weekly through a group chat and have a bit of fun organising catch-ups when our busy lives allow us to. Read More..



November 15, 2019

Zzzzzzzzzz God I love my bed! King size, hard so it’s good for my old back and so bloody comfy. We have a great relationship my bed and I. It doesn’t talk back and I spend a lot of time with it showing my gratitude by drooling over its pillows every night. Read More..


IFP TV – Spring Racing

November 10, 2019

IFP TV 📺 Off to the races... Giddy Up! 🏇 Read More..


ALISON (Bens Weekly Blog)

November 7, 2019

So I just got back from another trip to Greece enjoying the sun, beautiful food and company of family and friends. Read More..



October 31, 2019

I'M BACK! Hey guys! Ben Tellis here, co-founder and director of Infinite Fitness Peninsula. I’m writing to let you know that as of today I will be sending out a weekly email/blog sharing a little bit about me and keeping you up to date with the different things I encounter on a week to week basis. Read More..