After a long 3 months out of action Infinite Fitness Peninsula will finally be opening up its doors again!

We know a lot of you have been itching to have your regular gym routines back and we are so happy to now give you the chance to train again in our amazing space and re-engage with our friendly community and passionate staff.

For those that know, the online training platform has been a huge success and a well utilised tool. It’s been great to see so many members jump on board and together with our recent rollout of outdoor group training sessions, we’d like to congratulate and thank all of you for maintaining a connection with us and keeping your exercise continuous throughout this time.

We also appreciate the fact it’s been a very tough and an uncertain time for so many so we wish to warmly extend our invitation to ALL of our members that were with us prior to COVID-19 and anyone new for that matter that would like to engage with us again.

As you can imagine the recent events of COVID-19 has forced a lot of changes to the way we all live and operate. This will now include what it looks like when coming back to IFP so we want to pass on some important information to take note of, answer some questions you may have and relieve any fears you may have about returning.

Please know that we are working incredibly hard behind the scenes.  Our members’ safety, ability to thrive in our environment and personal experience at IFP is our number one priority. 

Please also be aware that under the current climate for us to keep delivering these amazing services and a service that’s sustainable, we have been forced to make some changes. 

Having said all of that we can’t wait to see you all again so let’s get this party started!!

Here’s how IFP will look in the short term – please take note…

When will IFP be reopening?

IFP will officially reopen its doors (as per government announcement) on June 22nd 2020

When can I book in to sessions?

You will able to book in to sessions as per normal 2 weeks before on the 8th June 2020

What will the opening and closing hours be?

Due to the current climate we will now be limiting our hours and availability to train. IFP’s facilities will initially only be open to members booked in to a scheduled class and will be unavailable to train from at times throughout the day. For now our opening/closing hours will be as follows…

Monday – Thursday (5.25am-10.30am & 4.30pm-8pm)

Friday (5.25am-10.30am & 4.30pm-7pm)

Saturday (7am-9.30am)

Also please note these times are subject to change as further developments come to hand however we will notify everyone when and where it is applicable. 

Will I still be able to communicate with IFP staff outside of opening hours?

Definitely. Our team will be here for you to help with anything you need.

What memberships will be available?

Both our Classic and Infinite memberships will be available as per usual. However with limitations on the amount of people we can facilitate at the one time, our Regular membership will only be available in a limited capacity for now. Scheduled Boxing and Pilates sessions will be the only times Regular members can attend IFP. This will help to ensure the safety of all members and staff alike. Until restrictions are eased, all Regular members are encouraged to continue with our online platform if scheduled sessions aren’t an option and will soon be notified when full access will again be permitted.

What about my payments?

Depending what membership you were on, your pay cycle will automatically resume (paying for the week prior) unless you tell us otherwise. We do have records and notes of individual accounts with credits prior to shutting down and these notes will take affect according to each member.

What if I’m not ready to come back just yet?

Then simply let us know via phone or email and we can adjust accordingly.

Will session times and length be different?

Session times will slightly change so please check your app and schedule. Session length will go back to our original model of 45 minutes. This is based on health recommendations that encourages not being exposed for long periods of time in the one space.

What about class sizes?

For now, we are at the mercy of the government. As it stands (as of June 22nd 2020) only 20 people can be inside a gym at any one time. Our class sizes will therefore be dictated by that until further notice. Further changes to our set up in the near future will not only be based on member safety but also staff safety as well. Once again we ask all of our members to be patient with us as we try to navigate our way through this time.

What if I want to train at lunchtime/early afternoon?

Unless you have a private session booked with a trainer or attending a scheduled class, the gym will be closed for training at certain times throughout the day. Please refer to our opening/closing times mentioned above. We understand this may not suit everyone however we still encourage you to adjust accordingly to still get your sessions in.

Will the IFP ONLINE platform still be available after things return to normal?

Yes absolutely! It’s been a huge success so we will continue to provide sessions via our app for those that are interested.

Will I be safe coming back to IFP?

As we mentioned earlier, our members’ safety and experience at IFP is our number one priority. We have invested in new systems and tools and will be increasing our cleaning frequency to help keep everyone safe and give peace of mind. Upon arrival you will now be asked to enter the main entrance only (right hand side as you’re looking at the gym from the street) and exit only via the emergency exit door (left hand side near the toilets).

Temperature checks will be performed on each member prior to starting their session. Anyone that has an elevated temperature will be sent home.

If you are sick then we kindly ask you to stay at home.

There will be hand sanitising stations located around the gym and everyone will be asked to sanitise and wash their hands before and after each session.

Sanitising of all equipment used during the session will be required as well.

Given the huge amount of space we have at IFP we also have the ability to enforce social distancing. This will therefore be applied where relevant to help keep everyone safe.

Further to this we kindly ask that once your session is completed, if you could stretch, cool down and chat amongst yourselves outside of IFP so it enables members booked in for sessions after you to be able to enter. With limitations on people we can have inside we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to train and is safe. Please note this will only be a short term scenario as once restrictions ease we will all have more freedom.

What do I need to do before my session starts and what do I bring?

For the time being things will look a little different. As stated we will require all members entering IFP to be temperature checked to ensure the safety of themselves, other members and staff. Therefore before your booked session starts we kindly ask everyone to wait outside or in your cars until one of our staff members greets you. From that point we will take your temperature and you will be allowed to enter barring a high reading. Once again we are anticipating this being a temporary scenario so we please ask for patience.  Also ensure you bring your own water bottle and towel to each session.

Will child minding be available?

Until we are able to have more than 20 people inside at the one time, unfortunately child minding will not be available but will definitely return once restrictions allow. We recognise all of the mums and dads out there are a huge part of the IFP family and we can’t wait to see you and the kids again very soon. Until then we encourage you to make other arrangements to be able to train if and where possible.

Can I still have a shower after my session?

For now no. Simply because of the number limitations put on us. However we encourage you to prepare for work/school beforehand to allow you to still train. As soon as restrictions of numbers ease our shower facilities will be readily available to use and we anticipate that isn’t too far down the track.

What’s happening to the Group X classes?

Group X classes will no longer be running. However, Boxing and Pilates will still be a part of the IFP schedule and will be available to ALL in house members (please check your app for session times).

What’s happening to all Corporate, Football and Netball group training sessions?

We are still happy to facilitate all of these regular group training sessions however times will vary based on capacity limits. IFP will be in contact with all relevant groups to organise scheduling.

Can I still do 1:1 personal training?

Of course. For those that were or are interested in private sessions, all of these services will still be available. Please speak with your trainer to organise or send us a message and we’d be happy to help! 

I was right in the middle of a trial with IFP. Do I now lose that or can I still pick up from where I left off?

You most definitely can pick up where you left off. Essentially all we’ve done is put everything on hold and can’t wait to have you back training with us. The app will allow you to book your sessions as of June 8th 2020. Any questions feel free to contact us.

If you still have any further questions or you’re unsure about anything we have covered please do not hesitate to contact us and we’d be more than happy to help. We look forward to seeing you all very soon!!

The IFP team.