Introducing IFP Juniors

Learn About

* Landing & Jumping Mechanics 
* Acceleration & Deceleration Mechanics/Technique 
* Basic Movement Patterns 
* Strength Foundations 
What This Means For Young Athletes?
* Decrease the likelihood of injuries 
* Perform at a stronger, fitter and faster level 
* Improved mental health 


Ben and Steve, and their specialised team of strength and conditioning coaches, are very passionate about creating a learning space for juniors athletes and non-athletes to develop strong habits that will help them excel at their chosen sports – or simply improve their quality of life.

 “There’s a modern trend of increased injuries in young athletes and a lot of this is due to poor technique and mechanics,” Ben said.
“Our vision is to educate young athletes, and their coaches, to better prepare the players for the demands of sport through adolescence. And the mental health and well-being side of things is huge for us as well – we want to build a positive and supportive environment for every single person or club that engages with us.”
IFP Juniors is designed to give parents of the South-East region the confidence of having their child in the best-structured and most professional program in the region, run by highly-qualified trainers that take great pride in building confidence and technique in the youth of today.
Steve, the current High-Performance Manager of Frankston Dolphins in the VFL and strength and conditioning coach of the Karingal Football Netball Club, is also excited by the outcomes that will be achieved.
“This is what Ben and I have been striving for, to share the experiences we have had at an elite level, and the knowledge we have learnt,” he said.
At IFP we are passionate about creating healthy communities instead of healthy children being part of a minority. IFP Juniors is something we and the team are very excited about delivering to players of all fitness levels and skill sets.

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