“Success is earned not deserved”

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Continue to learn and step outside of your comfort zone to begin the process of growth.

IFP’s newest program will guide you on developing your athletic performance to level up your game. 

We will provide you with the preparation programming and bullet proof body to be at your best in 2023 and beyond.

Start today, not tomorrow!

“Success is earned not deserved”

Talent alone is no longer enough as the game has become more physical and more athletically demanding. Those who do not work on these physical qualities are quickly left behind. Generic strength programs are also no longer enough. Sure, you will get generally stronger, but will you improve overall athleticism and build injury resilience?… probably not.

IFP has developed a new High Performance program based on the physical demands of your competition.

This program not only takes your game to the next level but also accounts for injury risk areas based on your sport and builds resilience in these areas.

Our frequent high performance testing ensures your program is driven by the latest sports science data to truly optimize your performance. 

Furthermore, our sports allied health professional is available to help with any injuries or niggles that may occur in season and tailor your program as needed to nail your rehabilitation whilst you continue to improve other areas of performance.

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