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Hey guys!

Ben Tellis here, co-founder and director of Infinite Fitness Peninsula.
Each week I'll be sharing a little bit about me and keeping you up to date with the different things I encounter on a week to week basis. I want to give you an insight into my experiences that will not only share a bit of wisdom, but also relate back to all things health and fitness and more importantly life in general. As well as having a bit of fun and being entertaining, the main objective is to give you guys tools, advice and information that will help you smash your goals both inside the gym and out! A number of topics and daily situations will be covered on the fly week by week and I hope this will help a lot of thought provoking and emotionally relevant discussions.



September 17, 2020

Do you ever have deja vu Mrs Lancaster? I’m sure at the moment it feels like Groundhog Day for a lot of people. Especially us Victorians. Other than the small minority who can still work, eat and play as if nothing has happened, the reality for others is quite the opposite. After being locked up like animals for weeks on end and still unsure where the finish line is it’s fair to say our spirit and hope is taking a proper beating. And speaking to many people over the past couple of weeks, there’s definitely a common theme in every... Read More..



September 10, 2020

Why is spring the best time for planting seeds? This was the first of 8 questions I had to navigate through. In a bid to become uncle of the year, I was helping my 8 year old nephew with homeschooling. I’d just finished listening to him read through a little story (very well mind you) about a father and his daughter. The story was about a little girl and her time in the garden with her dad, planting seeds, talking about worms, the different seasons and how to prepare soil for planting. The task was then to answer some simple... Read More..



September 3, 2020

In today’s day and age we have the luxury of everything at our fingertips. The simple click of a button can deliver us information, news, entertainment, food, clothes, sex and all of life’s other material pleasures pretty much instantly. And most of it with no questions asked. There’s never been a time where there’s more things to see, more things to do and more things to get our hands on than now. We have so many endless options sometimes we don’t even know where to start. You would think more choice means we’re all better off too. Not necessarily so.... Read More..



August 27, 2020

As you sit here reading this, you most likely aren’t thinking about all the labels that are currently scattered across your head. You know, the descriptive words and tags that signify your current status, distinguishing who you are and communicating to others what you do. Hundreds have been picked up along your journey. Some will always be with you and others have come and gone. According to society and the way we live, these labels define you. They give you a sense of belonging and recognition amongst your peers. They essentially form your identity. They let the whole world know... Read More..



August 20, 2020

  For all the control freaks (just like me)... We’re all very admirable in search of chasing our goals and dreams. Whatever they may be. We are diligent, we persevere, and we become relentless. Once we’ve honed in on what it is we want it can become an obsession. We cling to it. This helps direct our actions and attention towards it. We pride ourselves on choosing our mark, aiming and expecting to hit dead centre. We place a lot of pressure on ourselves to be right and not make mistakes. Over time we learn and become competent in planning,... Read More..



August 13, 2020

Ok listen up gang... When you’re sitting on the couch with your blanket all comfy and warm, it’s all good and well to say to yourself, ‘’Right that’s it, it’s time to pull my finger out and get fit!’’ In fact that’s where most peoples fitness journeys start - when they’re in a safe and comfortable environment. Because it’s so easy to do. Anyone can do it. However saying it is one thing - following through with it is another. It could be anything that finally ticks you over the edge. A random thought. Something someone said to you that... Read More..